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Flores people generally inherit a very strong musical talent. Everywhere people singing, dancing and having fun. In these circumstances they keep humming sulitpun. Although people in the region are familiar with food shortages, starvation (poor), did have a point. But if you come to Flores, you will easily find a fresh atmosphere. Song of the people of Flores are identical with the daily life of local residents.
Is not that the island of Flores poor? The hard place? Perhaps this is true. But since the first local residents did not feel poor. Although poverty is wrapped around the daily life of citizens, but citizens do not feel poor. In fact, in these conditions, they also keep humming melodious.

Music, singing and dancing together always go hand in hand. Three aspects of it as liberating people from the shackles of pressure nan live weight. Singing is like a solace.

Who sing not only the children or adolescents and school children. Grandfathers 60s who sat ditangkai palm trees to take sap (used as a wine) is also always humming, singing with ease.

The fishermen singing. The children sing, mothers humming while playing or working yarn maker ikat. It was arbitrarily made naturally, spontaneously, do not expect personal gain or praise from anyone.
Because it is not wrong if a number of writers-even the researchers wrote his impression that impression from the western tip of Flores Island to the east end, not only interest but also the island 'island music'.
Musicality of Flores was felt at all in the Catholic Church throughout Flores and even Indonesia. So many songs sung liturgical inculturation Indonesian Catholics is the fruit of Flores music.

Coaches choir, soloist, composer church songs mostly come from Flores, East Nusa Tenggara Province (NTT). Even the Music Center for Liturgy (PML) Jogja was the most widely held workshops in liturgical music composition Flores.
Jap adak Kunst (1942), researchers did a lot of music that most research on music in Indonesia before independence.
He writes:

"Actually I think the population of Flores more musically gifted than the tribes in Indonesia other famous like Sumatra, Java and Celebes. I never heard voices singing a pretty good fit. That's different from those in Flores. Many men are very melodious voice, singing simple songs on the banks of the river, my ears still ringing, melody is also very nice people of Europe. "

"........ Flores and where people are rowing with no singing pantunnya, complete with soloist and the repetition is sung in the choir? Among the artifacts soloist voices that with better training to become a voice tenor, soprano and bass is good. "(Kunst, 1942, p. 11). (* / Kro / from various sources / Flores Star)

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